Important Factors To Consider When Creating Custom Affinity Audiences

Have you ever wondered how to create an audience that is more tailored towards your brand? Well, you have come to the right place! With custom affinity audiences, you are able to reach people based on their interests, passions, lifestyles, and so much more. In this article, I will identify some of the most important factors to consider when creating your audience.

Interests as Keyword Phrases

One way in which you can reach your desired audience is by entering their possible interests as keyword phrases. This process helps you reach a specific segment of the market that you are looking to attract to your product or service.

Let’s say that you are a dance bag company, and instead of targeting all dancers, you hope to create a custom affinity audience for college student dancers. So entering interests through keyword phrases could look like this:

  1. “College Student Dance Competiton in (enter location)”
  2. “College Dance Programs”
  3. “Fit Dancers”

The above list is just an example, and I am sure that we can come up with a lot more examples of what might interest college student dancers, but the point is that we need to narrow down on the interests of college student dancers or else, Google could misinterpret the type of people that our ads should be reaching.

Find URL’s That Attract!

The next step would be to find URLs of websites with content that would most likely resonate with your target audience. The important part to remember is that the content on these URLs must be specific to your target audience or you risk Google getting the wrong message about who your audience really is.

For example, since we are trying to reach college student dancers, we need to find URLs on websites that our audience would be interested in. Websites with content about dancing, dance competitions, dance blogs, adult dance clothing, would be a good place to start. My top pick would be the website with adult dance clothing but at a discount. As most college students run on tight budgets, discount clothing sites may be attractive to them. So let’s say that I pick this site:

Following that link you will be taken to a discount dance clothing website. It is important to note that the specific URL that you choose matters! It would not be a good idea to just take the home page URL, and tell Google, “well that’s my audience.” This would be confusing for Google because, from the home page, you can go to the kid clothing section, women’s clothing sections, and so many other sections as well. Google would get the message that the audience that you are trying to attract is much wider than what you actually want it to be. To ensure that you are attracting the right type of audience and sending the right information to Google, pick a specific URL that your specified audience would most likely be intrigued by on that site.

Where Do They Like To Go?

To help Google gain an even better understanding of who should be included in your custom affinity audience, you can enter places that you audience is most likely to be found at. For our example, we can add:

  1. College Campuses
  2. Dance Studios
  3. Gyms

With the location specifications above, Google will be able to get a better understanding of who our custom affinity audience is, and who should be served our dance bag ads.

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