Targeting with Custom Affinity Audiences

What are Custom Affinity Audiences?

When you create a website, or are struggling to have your page reach your desired audience, there are ways that you can reach your desired audience. One way is called creating custom affinity audiences. They are audiences that advertisers create to target certain groups of people that are more likely to enjoy their material and products. These audiences can be made by inserting targeted keyword phrases, using URL’s to create categories of interest that are on the website pages, and by including types of places that your audience is interested in. In addition, the advertisers could include different apps that the audience could like or be interested in, to help draw more of their targeted group.

How Custom Affinity Audiences can Impact your Company

One aspect that companies are always looking to improve is their reach and more specifically their reach to users who have an interest in what their company produces. If your company sold football jerseys you would think it is smart to advertise on sports platforms, such as ESPN, but not all of the traffic on ESPN are from people who like football or are in the market for a football jersey. By using Custom Affinity Audiences, you can use Google to filter the viewers of your advertisement, based on keywords such a football, or jerseys for sale. Or you could use Google to find people who have downloaded an NFL app, to filter your website advertising to just those people.

Watch this video below to learn about how to create Custom Affinity Audiences using Google Adwords!

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