Making a Connection with your Intended Audience

How do we make sure we are getting our brands and advertisements out to the right person? There are many important factors that we should consider when we are working on targeting a particular audience. I think 3 of the most important factors to consider would be the customers/ individuals affinities, demographics, and their environment. Additionally, it is also important that you understand and can use cookies to gain more information.

Looking at someone’s affinities can tell you what they are interested in and the big picture. For example, in class, we used Under Armor as an example, which could tell us that someone is active and is interested in sport/ outdoor’s wear. This is a good baseline to have. Also, it is good to know someone’s demographic, age, location (so we can understand their culture as well as language), and gender. To get this information a lot of sites use cookies, which help deliver targeted ads and information to you that you might have recently searched for. To understand cookies better I looked into the online tracking page on the Federal Trade Commission website. Cookies might seem like an invasion of privacy but to a company, they can seem like a gold mine. Lastly, it is important to know the consumer’s environment; to me, this means, where do they live, how do they live, and with who they live. 


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