After reading the article: I am understanding segmentation within marketing better than before. Based on the company examples given, I am interested in creating a form to collect information for the company Hinge. Hinge is an online dating app that helps people connect to singles near them. Hinge already has a lot of questions […]

The Value of Tag Manager

What is Tag Manager?  Tag Manager is a tool created by Google that helps marketers improve their website for themselves as well as their consumers. It can make the website easier to navigate, along with having reactions and links work faster. As for the marketer/ company, you can gain more data on what happens while […]

Search Console reports, Current vs. Legacy

Finding analytics on your website is getting easier by the creations of new tools such as and the well-known Google Search Engine. One action that these tools are great for is to show us action on a page by providing the URL. As these tools are updated they are getting easier to use along […]

How to Create a Successful Ad Campaign

Ad campaigning is a very pivotal part of an advertisement/ product and if done right can really boost a brand. The first thing you should think about when planning an ad campaign is what kind of content, and who you are trying to reach with each channel type. With a successful ad campaign, it is […]

Do you need to be creative to create?

Creative vs creating You may not be the most creative person, however, you can still be successful in creating a report in Data Studio. When trying to show and explain data one of the most important thing to do is make it easy to follow. People want to be able to understand the data without […]

A/B and Hypothesis Testing

A/B tested is a very important part of digital marketing. A/B testing is a way to create multiple advertisements, layouts, and pages. We use this to see which will drive the most traffic and get the most engagement. In class, we thought about the changing of colors and layout of different google merchandise products. A […]

Behavior Reports Vs. Content Strategy

What are behavior reports? They are a way for you to check in on how well your website, brand, or advertisement is doing. This is very important to see what is working and what might need improvement. Some important things to be looking at are click-through rate, impressions, and keywords. Clicks are the most important […]

PPC Vs. SEO Advertising

Free and paid adverting are both important and can even work together for the better of your company. When deciding whether to use an SEO or PPC there any many things to consider, including your target audience, budget, and market. An SEO ad is an organic and free form of advertising that has its benefits […]

Making a Connection with your Intended Audience

How do we make sure we are getting our brands and advertisements out to the right person? There are many important factors that we should consider when we are working on targeting a particular audience. I think 3 of the most important factors to consider would be the customers/ individuals affinities, demographics, and their environment. […]