Custom Affinity Audiences

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Reaching the right crowd

One of the main goals in digital marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message. Creating the right messages is easy for most marketers, but how do you find the right audience? Marketers can design custom affinity audiences to reach a certain target audience that shares a specific interest in common. They can easily help segment customers into relevant groups, which you can then target with specific offers.

What to consider when creating custom affinity audiences

All custom affinity audiences are built to reflect specific interests that the group shares. These interests may revolve around music, television and movies, hobbies, lifestyle, shopping habits, and more. The easiest way to determine your users’ interests is to look at the Affinity Categories tab under the “Interests” drop down menu in Google Analytics. Using data from their browsing history, Google can sort your website’s visitors into different categories based on what they may have an interest in. To create custom audiences, you can simply enter in relevant keywords, URLs, or apps for each of your display, discovery, Gmail and video campaigns, and people who have interests in those areas will be more likely to see your ads. Google shares a simple guide for how to do this here:

Creating custom audiences for your marketing campaigns can be extremely helpful for narrowing down your target audience. Additionally, it helps get your advertisements to the people who will have the most interest in them, possibly helping your campaigns become more successful. Because of this, creating custom audiences may be one of the best things you can do.

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