Report or Tool, Legacy Tools and what they can do for you

New and Old

The new tools have an obvious focus towards more modern technology for instance mobile usability report which obviously wouldn’t have been that useful years ago compared to now. This is because of how essential mobile phones have become in our everyday life. On the other hand the legacy tools have features which will always be useful and will very rarely ever need an update or replacement for example the remove URLs tool which is very simple. This is much like the undo button on Google docs or Microsoft Word it hasn’t changed throughout all the updates and it doesn’t need to because it’s a very simple task but will always be useful.

Adapting For The Modern World

In an article by Tyler Brown on “Bigleap” he talks about how the search console can help with URLs such as how Google will automatically detect issues that can cause duplication of content issues which can affect the data that is being recorded which can obviously have a very negative impact on . your business. As websites are becoming more and more complex with special features or animations it is important to have a system that can detect errors as websites back in the days required a lot less maintenance and were very bland as the technology just wasn’t there yet back then.

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