Comparison of Old & New Search Console

What is Google Search Console?

The first question that a person may have when asked about google search console is simply, what is it? Google describes their search console as an easy way to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your own website’s presence within google’s search results. This information is vital for any website owner who wants to evaluate their success. As time goes by, new tools are introduced into this program that assist in processing new information.

Newest Tools vs Legacy Tools

In google console today, many would say that one of the most important reports or tools is the AMP tool (accelerated mobile pages). With the evolution of mobile devices, users are much more likely to buy things off of those devices due to convenience. Google has recognized this and gives rankings boosts to mobile-friendly websites. With this tool, owners can evaluate their website’s mobile optimization. People are much more likely to use a website that is lightning fast over one that takes forever to load. So if the owner uses this tool, they can make any changes if needed. Legacy tools are tools that have been around for a long time and do not need to be updated as much. An example of one of these tools is the robots.txt tester which shows you whether your robots.txt file blocks Google web crawlers from specific URLs on your site. This is a simple security tool that doesn’t need to be updated like some of the new tools.

The article above describes some of the most useful tools that google search console has to offer.

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