Knowing your target audience and what they want is a key to success when it comes drawing in customers.  Going along with knowing your target audience is understanding how to separate them into different groups to better understand how and why they come to your business.  Using Panera Bread as an example, you could split their customers into different segments.  For example, two segments that could be created would be people who want a fast casual dining experience and those who go there just for the bakery.  Each of these segments would have a different marketing strategy and message presented to them.  For example, the menu and specials presented to the segment which wants the fast casual dining experience would be different than those who go just for the bakery.  Sending emails to people who only go for the bakery about new soups or salads being added to the menu would likely not be nearly as effective as sending the same email to those who want the fast casual experience.  Separating your audience into segments helps create a more personal feel when sending messages to the individual customers.  Creating segments also makes marketing to customers easier by helping narrow down what needs to be said to who.

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