Using Google Posts as a Content Strategy

What are Google Posts and How Can They Help?

Content is what drives a website and its success. There are tons of different content strategies that can help push whatever you’re trying to market. Google Posts is among those content strategies that is not only free, but easy to use. By using Google Posts you are able to quickly and concisely advertise your content to the public and see if there is interest. A content strategy can be risky if you don’t know that there is any interest or how people will interact with it. Google Posts gives you a way to see if something is popular without the risk of paying. While using this feature you can track popularity and conversions for free. Greg Gifford’s recommendation of Google Posts as a content strategy can help push your content without breaking the bank.

How does Google Posts Relate to Audience Behavior?

While Google Posts may not be the most explosive content strategy, it has important implications when it comes to audience behavior. Google Posts are seen through organic search which is a huge deal. Organic search is often one of the biggest drivers in site activity and visibility. By using Google Posts you are able to advertise your content with things people are searching for without paying a cent. With the use of Google Posts you can get an idea of how people behave when seeing what you are advertising. If people are interacting with a post you might want to push it more. It isn’t always easy to know what content to market. However, Google Posts can help to determine content popularity and help to improve strategies moving forward.

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