Defensive Responses vs. Proactive Corporate Responses

It is a goal for a company to keep its’ reputation clean and honest. When negative responses are left on their page, it’s important for them to address the concerns in their comment sections. When companies address negative comments, their goal is to do so respectfully and make sure the problem is taken care of.

Corporate Defensive Response

A defensive response comes from a company when negative responses are left on their page. These responses are usually in regards to a unsatisfied customer. In these cases, the company is in the wrong and recognizes it but doesn’t want to do anything to change it. An example is pictured below. Moe’s taking a concern in the unsatisfied customer, but saying they have no plans to change.

Corporate Proactive Response

A proactive response is recognizing the mistake you made as a company, addressing the issue and promising the issue won’t happen again. Being respectful and kind to a unsatisfied customer will improve their image to society. By being active and helpful, the company’s proactive response keeps their image positive and keeps customers happy.

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