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Self promotion

There is no doubt that social media is an essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy. It is almost intuitive for digital marketers to include contents that relate to self-promotion on social media, which might cause severe impacts on the brand’s authenticity when it is overdone. So what content should the brand’s social media account post?

Self-promotion and Brand’s authenticity

By taking a browse through various social media accounts of famous brands, one might quickly notice that the amount of content that is related to self-promotion, is very few. This is the result of careful considerations put into maintaining the brand’s authenticity, for it is typical for consumers not to pay as much attention to brands with low-level authenticity.

Types of contents to post on social media

Generally speaking, it is common for social media users to seek entertainment or stay informed with the latest news or trend. Therefore, instead of bombarding the brand’s social media account with self-promotion, it might be wise to post interesting and funny posts that are related to your product/services. For example, red bull’s brand account on Pinterest constantly offers tips on cycling: “essential cycling tips to descend like a pro” and “how to choose the right winter cycling gear.” These are all items and things that are related to red bull’s brand image and its targeted audiences, with the constant presence in the potential customer’s view, their brand can permeate its presence and cooperate value with these type of sports.

But there is one thing wort notice, even as big and as famous as red bull, they still include their Logo in each and every one of their posts. This is necessary for the customers since it is the only thing that links the red bull and their post contents together: the customer needs to know that it is red bull who gives them these tips, or otherwise, the marketing purpose of these posts will not be met for red bull.

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