Is Social Media The Place For Self Promotion?

Social media is a powerful place that can receive a lot of attention. There are many ways social media can be used for depending on the brands mission. Self promotion is a tricky tactic that needs to be used correctly to get the right message across.

Self Promotion as a Strategy – Paula Morand

Social media urges participation. It is up to the brands and organization to decided whether or not they want to self promote, take action on a movement, or keep quiet. The problem many popular brands aren’t aware of is that they have already made it big enough to be known. When brands are too focused on self promotion, consumers start to think they only care about themselves.

Big brands take a stand and support Black Lives Matter - AdNews
Nike supporting Black Lives Matter creates a powerful move for the brand.

Promotion of a brand can come through a series of ways. There is email marketing or popup ads that could be a more efficient way of self promotion. Social media is a place for story telling and interaction. People are looking for the support from brands to a cause they are passionate about. If we are constantly seeing a brand worrying about their sales while series topics are uprising, this may make them seem standoffish. People want to see brands supporting a cause on social media. Showing that a brands can be apart of a cause and support an issue would actually still get their name out there.

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