How Ethical Is Tracking User Behavior?

As we provide much of our information online, it becomes easy for a business to track our behavior. There are a lot of determinants on whether or not this action is right or wrong. Tracking users behavior can be a helpful thing if a businesses using this information properly. Projected Intent The application Google Analytics […]

Is Social Media The Place For Self Promotion?

Social media is a powerful place that can receive a lot of attention. There are many ways social media can be used for depending on the brands mission. Self promotion is a tricky tactic that needs to be used correctly to get the right message across. Social media urges participation. It is up to the […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

The Golden Age The idea of email marketing was very popular in the early to mid 2000’s. With a new way of outreaching content to consumers the click through rate for email marketing saw its highest rate between 2006-2007. Emails brought new techniques to marketing such as providing personalized content, transactional information, the ability to […]

Is Spending More on Ads Worth The Rank?

Many people may think spending big money on ads to increase your rank could be a waste of time and money. However, is that statement true? According to John Gagnon, “In the paid search side of things, the more money you are willing to pay, the higher you’re able to show up.” Now, lets find […]

Dominating the Google Search Game

Being that number one spot for a google search is not just randomly given to a company. The process of receiving that number one spot is consisted of competitive keyword research and understanding the trends of a market. There are many tools that are available for a company to help with research on what keywords […]

Difference Between Defensive and Proactive Corporate Response

With attacks coming at a business that could be hurtful on how they are operating, it may be easy to become defensive. This is where social media plays a role in the decision making to be defensive or proactive. Taking that chance to be proactive instead of defensive can make or break the reputation of […]

The Success From A Social Media Campaign

Coors Light’s social media campaign drives consumers to participate on Twitter. What does this campaign do for their company? Coors Light has been a rising competitor when it comes to their social campaigns. Lately, Coors has demonstrated many interactive campaigns that generates consumer participation while also demonstrating brand awareness. Because of this, Coors was able […]

The Power Behind Clickbait

Ads have the reputation of being annoying and inconvenient when you are trying to complete a task. Popping up out of no where, you either become bothered by the ad or surprised at how convenient the ad relates to you. When Clickbait Becomes Successful I run into a lot of ads lately when searching through […]

Do Your Part To Stop The Spread

How To Make Your Own Disinfectant For More Information Click Now

Should Online Shoppers Value Form over Function?

As an online shoppers point of view, the most convenient and appealing websites will attract customers to enjoy using the site while also returning for future purchases. This is where the form and function of the website have to be aligned to have a successful user face. The difference between form and function: Form includes […]

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