Tracking User Behavior… Is it Ethical?

The more information we give our computers and to online stores the more they are able to track users’ search history. Many variables go into account if companies should be able to fully track the search history and the interests of consumers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that gives companies information that gives them the ability to track user data. Google anaylytics tracks session duration, pages per session, and bounce rate of individuals. This gives comapnies signifanct amount of information that allows them to track their audiences behavior. This is where ethics comes into play and puts the pressue on the business to use this information ethically. Ethical behavior would include giving consumers interest specific ads and discounts, giving them options to revisit your site, and also giving them updates via text message or email.

Simple Yes or No

One way to ensure what your business is doing is ethical, you can give the consumer a simple option if they would like to have their data tracked to give them a more personal experience on your site. By giving users the option to choose, it allows them to be aware that you use Google Analytics to give them a better idea of their interests to speed up their time on the site.

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