Tracking User Behavior… Is it Ethical?

The more information we give our computers and to online stores the more they are able to track users’ search history. Many variables go into account if companies should be able to fully track the search history and the interests of consumers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that gives companies information that gives them the ability to track user data. Google anaylytics tracks session duration, pages per session, and bounce rate of individuals. This gives comapnies signifanct amount of information that allows them to track their audiences behavior. This is where ethics comes into play and puts the pressue on the business to use this information ethically. Ethical behavior would include giving consumers interest specific ads and discounts, giving them options to revisit your site, and also giving them updates via text message or email.

Simple Yes or No

One way to ensure what your business is doing is ethical, you can give the consumer a simple option if they would like to have their data tracked to give them a more personal experience on your site. By giving users the option to choose, it allows them to be aware that you use Google Analytics to give them a better idea of their interests to speed up their time on the site.


Defensive vs Proactive Response at a Corporate Level

When someone attacks your company with a bad review or hurtful words, it can be very easy to retaliate with a defensive comment, but is that a smart response? Choosing not to become defensive gives your company a much better image as defensive responses may give your business a bad reputation.

Defensive Responses

At any corporate level, there are going to be negative comments or hate toward your company. Where it may get challenging is, it is the companies responsibility to make a response to most hateful comments to ensure the consumer may get relief about their problem. Though it is crucial to respond in a timely manner it is more important to think through the response to make sure it is not hurtful to your customer.

Proactive Responses

Proactive responses are much more professional and look a lot better for your company. Responding in a timely manner to a complaint in a proactive manner may help settle their unease about your company. Proactive comments may end up resulting in the company giving the consumer a discount or total refund for their issue as seen below with Zappos.


Is Social Media Self-Promotion a Good Thing?

For as long as social media has been around, companies and brands have always promoted their products on social media platforms, but is this a good thing? I think social media advertising is very successful as it easily reaches millions of consumers on a daily basis. Scrolling through Instagram or Twitter I almost always stop and see an ad that catches my eye.

Brands do need to be wary when advertising and promoting current events because no matter what stand they take someone will always be against it. Many times it will deem very successful like what DoorDash has done throughout the black lives matter movement. They gave consumers the option to choose from “black owned businesses” which would help and support their local community. I found this a great way to promote what they do which is deliver food while also supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.


It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiGiorno

The DiGiorno frozen pizza company is asking consumers to reach out and compete on twitter for a free product during national pizza month. Was it successful?

Many people involved have never actually tried a DiGiorno pizza but admitted that they could never forget their slogan, “It’s not delivery, its DiGiorno. They believed the campaign was brilliant because it played right into their best-known attribute.

This campaign was very succesful because since it was national pizza month the company knew consumers would also be tweeting about it. DiGiorno was able to successful “win” national pizza month by gainginng new fans while also “charming” current supporters. By taking advantage of popular social media trends DiGiorno was able to grab many different audiences attention.


Is Email Marketing a Thing of the Past?

History of Email

Email has been a prominent form of communication since the early 2000s and companies have used this as their marketing tactic. Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations

How it Can Change

Nobody loves to be spammed with countless promotional emails from companies that they are interested in which is why people have adopted a spam protection file. As a way to not frustrate their audience, companies give the consumer an option to unsubscribe from their promotional ads.

To be more successful I feel companies would be better of sending one email out a week headlining their deals for the future as opposed to sending one or two every single day. Nudge marketing is one tactic that could be deemed successful as it is more of a reminder email instead of pushing a sale. Nudge marketing puts the ball in the consumers court and allows them to make their decision on what they want to purchase.


The Annoying Truth Behind Clickbait

Ads, for years, have constantly been a nuisance to users trying to watch youtube videos, surf the internet, and now use social media. Though they are inconvenient for users, ads are great revenues for businesses to get their products out to different users who may not directly search for their product.

Clickbait = Money

Oftentimes when you are searching for a pair of shoes or that cool new product everyone has next time you open Instagram there it is and you are scrolling through your feed. This almost forces the user to click on the ad or at least stop because it caught their attention. Many times the ad will even have in large letters the word “Sale” to gain the attention of the user even more causing them to click on the ad and make a purchase.

My Clickbait Story

For a long time, I always thought my phone would listen in on my conversations with friends or family because whenever I talked about a product it would always come up a few hours later on my phone. For some off reason, this would always drive me away from the product until I realized that is how marketing works. After getting over how I believed my phone listened in on my conversations I found how successful companies are that are able to market their ads this way and began buying the products after they would appear on my social media feed.

Does Money Equal Success in Digital Marketing

How much money does it really take to have success on Google? Many companies do not have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend trying to get themselves to the top. Smaller businesses need to find more creative and unique ways to climb to the top by using keywords, and internal and external links to engage their consumers.

It is much easier to have success on Google when you have millions of dollars in net gain each year. Its the small, local businesses that are looking to grow who need to be much smarter with their money and keywords. Keywords are what drives a Google search. If a website creator chooses the best phrases and words you can climb to the top of the search ranks. SEO protocol is the most crucial asset website creators need to focus on which will allow them to compete in the top tiers of a Google search.


Samsung’s COVID-19 Relief Plan for Small Businesses

Small Business Relief

Small Businesses around the United States were dramatically affected by the pandemic either being forces to completely shut down or face a massive cut in sales. Many business owners, as a result, have seen a massive decrease in income and some have had to go to the extent of shutting down their business. As a result, Samsung is prioritizing these owners and doing whatever they can to help by donating tablets and laptops to help run their companies remotely.

Implementing our Products

Samsung is striving for small business owners to implement their new state of the art 5G technology to help aid their business. This will give owners the ability to remotely run their company or even help them set up a website of their own. This will give small business owners who sell specific products the ability for their consumers to also remotely shop with them and continue their already developed relationship. These tablets will also give business owners the ability to move to a touchless system in order for clients to cash out. They will have the opportunity to download different applications where consumers will have the option to pay with credit and limit hands-on transactions.

How You Can Help

Samsung has now created a program that allows you to donate to a laptop or tablet every time one is purchased. These tablets will then be sent to small business owners who have struggled to succeed during the pandemic. These donations will give small business owners an advantage by allowing them remotely run their businesses in high-risk areas affected by Covid-19. These owners have spent hundreds of hours growing their company for it to only be nearly ruined by the total shutdown of America for three months. With your help, small businesses that are o crucial to our economy will continue to grow and succeed.

Analytics SEO

How SEO Can Get Your Company to the Top

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement. SEO is what drives traffic to your website and without proper optimization, it can make or break your business.


One huge reason why a website may not be receiving a lot of traffic is due to its functionality. Many website creators do not factor in the number of mobile users trying to use their website. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices are actually higher in Google’s search algorithm than others which is why mobile functionality is a key to success.


Form vs Function

Function and form are very crucial aspects of digital marketing. If a company does not adapt to these two functions they may not approve of the foot traffic their website gains.

Form refers to the layout of a company’s website. Is it very attractive to the point that the consumer is willing to stay on the website and continue to look at the goods or products you sell?

The function is how easy it is to navigate through a website. This focuses on the functionality of the website. If it is not easy to use, many people would just click off of it and not continue browsing.

I believe both are very valuable in the making of a website because without one people will struggle to navigate. If your website is very high functioning then you will have a lot of success drawing traffic to your site.