Tracking User Data can be Ethical

When something is ethical it is believed that it is the right thing to do. In the digital marketing sphere, personal data is collected from the users. This data includes their demographics, location, and device type. This is personal information about someone that is being used for marketing purposes. Tracking user data can be ethical if it is done to give a better experience to the user.

Users are Informed of Data Collection

Gathering user data can seem unethical at first. This is user’s private information. That is why you will see pop ups on websites informing you on the collection of your cookies. This data is ok to collect because users consent to the collection of cookies when they follow the prompt of the pop up. It would be unethical if the users did not know their information was being gathered.

Customer Interaction Improves

The data is used by digital marketers so they can have have a better understanding of their audience. If they learn that their audience uses their site mostly on mobile than they know to focus on the mobile experience. With the use of the personal information they can create the best possible experience for their users. Since the customer interaction can improve, tracking user data is an ethical practice.

Responsive vs Mobile Friendly Websites. Tracking user data is ethical because it informs marketers on how they can provide a better user experience.

Tracking User Data is Ethical

Websites have to inform their uses on what type of data the cookies track. As long as the information being collected is not shared and is used to better the experience for consumers, collecting user data is ethical.

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