Ethical or Unethical Business Practices?

Is it unethical for businesses to track user behavior? In some cases, yes, but what if we were apart of that businesses? From the point of view from the consumer, this type of behavior may seem unethical.

Privacy has always been an issue when it comes to the internet because users get worried that someone will track location or steal personal information. This is understandable but with trusty businesses, I do think that it is ethical for a business to track user behavior.

Producers can use their own website to track user behavior in order to gage their popularity of products and services. Some people may think this is invasive, but imagine the improvements businesses could make with the help of knowing what is popular, where it’s popular, and what people need or want.

In addition to this, in regards to social good campaigns, businesses can view when consumers look at their page for information on certain campaigns. Since Google Analytics can track specific data, this could really help businesses improve themselves through the internet.

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