Tracking User Data can be Ethical

When something is ethical it is believed that it is the right thing to do. In the digital marketing sphere, personal data is collected from the users. This data includes their demographics, location, and device type. This is personal information about someone that is being used for marketing purposes. Tracking user data can be ethical […]

Email Marketing is Not Dead

What is Email Marketing If you are like most individuals, your inbox is flooded with email marketing. Email Marketing are the promotional emails sent to you by companies. In these emails there are advertisements about sales or new product drops. With so many people not checking their messages, one might think that advertising form is […]

Johnson’s Baby is #1

In my last blog, I indicated that it is possible to be ranked number one on google if you make your company standout and target multiple unique keywords. Being number one is definitely very situational, and it depends on the keywords that you are using. One specific company’s SEO that I will be looking into […]

Aim For First

By: Alyssa Van Auker Introduction In a game or a sport, everyone wants to come out on top. The same is true for businesses on search engines. Since humans are lazy and do not scroll much after our google results pop up, businesses try to compete for the top spot. With so many businesses all […]