Why Create an A/B Test?

Hypotheses and A/B Testing

Google’s optimize feature is an easy, free, and effective way to experiment on ways to personalize the experience for your site’s users. A hypothesis that someone could test on your site is the size of a heading, or, the size of the body text, changing an image, changing the size of the image, or changing any other part of your site that may have impact on your traffic. This changing of an aspect of your site is called the variant which is the B in A/B testing. The A is what it originally was before your changed it. For example I may choose to change the size of my headings to attract the eye of the reader more towards reading the body of the text. To see if this works better or not is where A/B testing comes in. Check the data after the variant has been created and after enough time has gone by. If the variant didn’t improve anything just create another hypothesis and variant to test.

How to Create and A/B Test Experiment

To create an A/B test in google optimize, after logging into google optimize, you must create an experiment and name it. Then, type in the URL of the page you want to test. For A/B testing you only test one variable, so make sure A/B test is selected, not multivariate or redirect test. If you want the amount of tests to happen an equal amount of the time, make sure they’re both set to 50%. After the experiment is created, the last step is to select a goal and customize the target. Once it is all complete, click “Start Experiment on the top left”

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