The ABC’s on A/B Testing

A: What Is A/B Testing?

An A/B test is a randomized experiment using two or more variants of the same web page. Variant A is the original. While variant B contains at least one element that is modified from the original.

B: How To Create an A/B Test

Google’s Resource Hub provides step by step instructions regarding how to create an A/B test. They are as follows:

  1. Go to your Optimize Account
  2. Click on your Container name in order to get to the Experiments page
  4. Enter an Experiment name (up to 255 characters)
  5. Enter an Editor page URL (the web page you’d like to test)
  6. Click ‘A/B test
  7. Click ‘CREATE

C: Let’s Begin

In order to create an A/B Test, one must begin by identifying an issue that has been observed, in order to create a data reinforced hypothesis. This particular hypothesis should focus on questions such as, What’s the problem that you want to solve? Have conversions dropped off? Have traffic patterns changed? Have your demographics shifted? With that being said, my hypothesis that I believe we should focus on is; If we begin posting our blogs on our personal LinkedIn accounts weekly (creating a routine) then, we will receive more buzz from returning users as well as new users (referrals).

Information for this blog post was sourced through the link provided below. Click the link in order to get more valuable insight on A/B Testing.

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