Digital Marketing

What has digital marketing done for business?

Digital marketing has created more equal ground for businesses regardless of their financial and social situations. By using readily available and free tools including email, social media, or low-cost websites as a way to market their brand, smaller businesses have opportunities to reach a broader public they may have previously been unable to be seen by.

Messages presented through online media are inexpensive and flexible, able to be completely customized by an organization without having to go through an outside marketing team which can be costly.

Additionally, the ability to create digital advertisements or social media posts has changed the way people can advertise. More and more we are seeing brands with flourishing accounts on Twitter or Instagram who are simply creating content for their followers to take in and share, not traditional advertising at all. Companies also have to option to create paid ads to be run on social media platforms, and these too are designed to fit in with the flow of the viewers timeline, meaning the ads don’t necessarily look like ads.

These could take the form of a sponsored photo taken by a celebrity who has been endorsing the brand, an aesthetically pleasing photo featuring the product aiming to be sold, or something else that blends in with the consumer created content out there.

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