Creating Data Visualization

Catching Viewers Eyes

When creating a website, blog, or any platform, attracting your targeted viewers is a must. The first thing to consider is the tag title. This is the title of your post, and it is the first thing that your viewers will see when entering your page. So remember that “title tags are a major factor in helping search engines understand what your page is about,” (Meta) and what will come up when a viewer is trying to search what you are posting about. In saying this, it is important to also have visual aids, graphs, and color to catch the eye of a viewer.

Ways to Attract Viewers

In the paragraph above we talked about a few types of ways you can attract viewers. Graphs representing data is one way of doing this. Having graphs can show what you and trying to explain to a viewer in an easier way, so if they are unfamiliar with the topic the graphs can help explain the data be shown. Color is also a big way to attract viewers. Having a visually neat and colorful webpage, that is also easy to navigate, makes viewers browser your website and share it with others. Another way to attract viewers is by having unique title tags that make the viewer interested in your webpage or blog post. It is important to consider this because, it “helps search engines understand that your content is unique and valuable, and also drive higher click-through rates” (Meta). It is important to be creative when creating content because this is what will separate your content from competitors. By being creative makes it so you stand out, and attract viewers across all platforms.

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