Cookie Ethics

Every website you go to tracks and learns some sort of information about you. This act in itself is not unethical, but there are some tactics that can ensure a site is being ethical in its practices. First of all, the website must ask for permission before allowing the user to access the site to […]

Social Media Promotion

Social media is an incredible tool for growing awareness for a brand, and brands shouldn’t be afraid to use it. Social media has changed the game for organizations looking to grow their brand for minimal cost. Small businesses especially are being given a unique opportunity to grow their audience and allow their business to succeed. […]

C is for Cookie

I usually avoid interacting with digital ads, but the ones I do end up clicking through tend to be on Instagram. Instagram has a seamless way of making their promoted posts blend in with your feed, showing things that reflect your interests and the general look and aesthetic of posts you’ve interacted with in the […]

Health & Sanitation: Slow the Spread

Walmart is giving away PPE and sanitation equipment to schools and frontline workers in our various communities. With your help and support we can slow the spread of COVID19. Through our donation match initiative, we pledge to give supplies to our chosen community partners for every one purchased on the list below. Disposable/Reusable face masks […]

Form v Function

For marketing campaigns, websites have one goal. Whether that goal is to sell a product, offer more information, collect information from a key demographic, or anything else, the website has to get visitors to do this. Obviously, a website has to work on the technological side in order for anything to succeed on it, but […]

Proactive Response

In the age of social media, everyone has a voice and everyone wants to be heard. So, if a company wants to keep a positive relationship with the public they should actively respond to as many people as possible. It’s always a good idea to take a positive tone when responding to comments and mentions […]

Hello BC

The Hello BC #ExploreBCLater campaign was a really effective way to use the sudden lockdown from the COVID19 pandemic to their advantage. Through posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the organization took the opportunity while no one could travel to capitalize on the wanderlust that comes from being stuck indoors.  On first glance it’s clearly […]

Don’t Sweat the Big Buck$

John Gagnon is pretty insistent that you’ve got to be able to afford prime advertisement spots with search engines in order to succeed over the competition. While it’s true that paying for search ads can give you a boost, it’s certainly not the end of the world if you can’t afford it. Gagnon also mentions […]

First Result

George Do gives a pretty clear overview of how to strategically use keywords to boost your site’s standing on a search engine’s result page. Although it’s not without its extensive research and commitment, by following Do’s tips, it’s certainly possible to be the first result in a Google search. A well planned and well researched […]

Digital Marketing

What has digital marketing done for business? Digital marketing has created more equal ground for businesses regardless of their financial and social situations. By using readily available and free tools including email, social media, or low-cost websites as a way to market their brand, smaller businesses have opportunities to reach a broader public they may […]