Applying STP to Email Campaigns

STP: Delivering more relevant, personalized messages to your audience

We’re not tying to target everyone, the goal here is to figure out who your audience is, because no matter what you think it is not everyone. This is what STP does for us. Segmentation divides our audience into smaller and more condensed groups based on similarities or characteristics. You can do this in many ways; geography, age, gender, likes/interests, or behavioral traits. You can take all these into account and segment everyone based on just one of these or combine them to get a more focused segment.

When it comes to targeting you need to determine which segments to focus on more or less or even at all, we don’t want to waste our time or money on groups that we don’t need to target. It’s also a good idea to target each segment one at a time and focus on them instead of multiple at one time so you can develop strategies and idea on how to better do this.

Positioning is where we take a step back and put ourselves in our segments shoes. Think of what is important to them and why would they choose us over the competitor or vice versa so we can make sure we’re the ones they choose. This is where we can use the brand positioning map nd figure out where we stand.

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Hinge Segmentation

Using STP to set up two different email lists for hinge would be relatively easy. I would segment them based on what they find to be more important on the app. Location, attraction, and interests all huge factors for dating websites and some value certain things over others. I would create two separate email lists that touch on the different things they could value. Focus on either the traits in people bio’s and emphasize the fact that you can find people that are interested in the same things as you and are in the age range you desire. Another one that really pushes the fact that there are a lot of attractive people or people with similar interests as you but emphasize how close they are and that you can easily meet up with them.

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