Understanding User Behavior with Google Analytics: Behavior Reports

What are Behavior Reports?

One of the more obvious tenets of marketing, is that the more you know about your users/those who your marketing is reaching, the better equipped you will be to make better decisions surrounding your marketing strategy. Google Analytics has a specific component referred to as behavior reports that allows for you to gain a better understanding of your user. By this I mean, you are able to see what pages people visit on your site and what they do while they are there. This is a highly beneficial tool as you can see what components of your content drive more traffic/are more effective and which are not. 

How to Use Tools to Determine Which Content to Re-Optimize

As we just explored, behavior reports can allow you to better optimize your marketing strategies by examining the behavior of your users. However, it is important to ask how to do this, and in article by Jeff Baker, the answer to this question is revealed. In a rather simplistic way I have listed the 8 step process outlined by Baker below:

  1. Find your threshold keywords
  2. Filter for search volume
  3. Filter for difficulty
  4. Filter for blog posts (optional)
  5. Select for relevance
  6. No cannibals here
  7. Rewrite and reindex
  8. Track your results

While re-optimizing your content may be a very helpful tool in making more effective your marketing strategy, it is very easy to do wrong. While knowing the steps of the process to do so is important, it is also crucial that you know which parts of your marketing campaign are most effective and then build off of that. 

Use this link to a helpful video on behavior flow models:

Here is the link to Baker’s article on the usefulness of behavior reports:


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