Is Email Marketing Dead?

Infographic] The 2019 Email Client Market Share - Litmus
Gmail is the most popular email service in the market, with an active user of 400+million.

What is Email Marketing?

It is a promotional method that utilizes Email to distribute commercial messages to targeted audiences. I am sure that you have received some promotional content in your Email inbox in the past week.

Why do you say Email marketing is “dead”?

Nowadays, as other methods of promotion rises and robust: social media marketing, website marketing, display ads marketing, in-app ads, etc. The influence/importance of marketing using Email is diminished and diluted due to all those different channels of information/ads displacement taking over its share in people’s attention.

This is especially the case when 95% of adults ranging from age 18-34 follows a brand via social media. And that Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Other problems with Email marketing.

Together with having more competitors for audiences’ attention, the traditional method is also having trouble reaching its audiences due to the following problems:

  • The ever-stricter legal regulations with regards to sending Emails repetitively in an aggressive manner. (CAN-SPAM act)
  • The emergence of Email filter and its popularity among users of Email accounts.
  • Some Email services have built-in features to filter out promotional and SPAM Emails.
  • Social remarketing and other marketing methods that have a similar function as Email marketing, but is cheaper and out-performs it (due to the popularity of Social media).


Due to the above reasons, it is fair to estimate and conclude that Email marketing is facing its diminishing period in consumer marketing. Despite the fact that it still is what 87% of business’s choice when carrying B2B transactions.

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