Applying STP To Email Campaigns

Segmenting Panera Breads Market

Panera Bread is focused on providing customers with a “healthier” alternative to fast food. When marketing to consumers their goal is to come off as an environmentally friendly and health-conscious alternative. As a fast-casual dining option, they differentiate themselves from their competition by promoting fresher ingredients and transparency. For this campaign, the audience can be segmented into loyal members of the “MyPanera” rewards club and health-conscious individuals on the go.

Repeat Behavior

With these values in mind, Panera uses their “MyPanera” customer club to track individual’s purchases and behaviors to direct their marketing efforts towards them. By collecting this data Panera is able to offer rewards based on their shopping habits and preferences. When targeting an email campaign based on behavior Panera wants to focus on customers with a strong sense of brand loyalty. If someone is making purchases multiple times a month through the Panera App then this campaign needs to address that. This can be done by emailing promotions specifically targeted for the “You Pick Two” category and offering new combinations or discounts. By doing this Panera will encourage loyal customers to return to the website/store and repurchase meals. This type of segmentation will drive sales by encouraging repeat customers to visit more frequently.

Health Conscious Positioning

Brand positing is all about comparison. When a customer is looking for quick meal options Panera needs to be able to stand out against competitors like Chipotle, Moes, and Wendys (just to name a few). To do this they must focus on key attributes like quality ingredients, healthy options, and time friendliness. This helps them stand out to new and existing customers. This positioning helps them to look like the healthiest fast-casual dining option on the market.


When addressing these two different customer groups the tone must be adjusted to fit their focus. With the repeat loyalty program members, the campaign needs to focus on new items and discounts. However, with the health-conscious positioning, the campaign needs to focus on the quality of the ingredients and healthier alternatives to fan favorites. This separation helps Panera to appeal to the wants and needs of their consumers by focusing on what they really care about whether it is affordability or quality.

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