Applying STP To Email Campaigns

Segmenting Panera Breads Market Panera Bread is focused on providing customers with a “healthier” alternative to fast food. When marketing to consumers their goal is to come off as an environmentally friendly and health-conscious alternative. As a fast-casual dining option, they differentiate themselves from their competition by promoting fresher ingredients and transparency. For this campaign, […]

A/B Hypothesis Testing

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is the trial of different options on your website. Essentially allowing you to run trials on your site without discarding your previous work. This allows you to make small adjustments within the site and track to see which altered version is more effective. Once you’ve enacted these alterations you […]

Capture Variables with Tags

What are Site Tags? Site tags take web analytics to the next step. They work as tracking devices that you can implement on specific pages, videos, or links, and allow you to monitor interactions on specific items. These are important because allow you to do more than just see who’s coming to your site and […]

Paid Ads vs. Organic Search

Search engines and media channels, Facebook and Instagram for example, are constantly changing their algorithms to push these “boosts” or paid advertisements and increase their profits. With tech developments like this websites need to understand and utilize both paid and organic traffic to be successful. Neither of these options is proven to be enough on […]