Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

Promoting a Campaign Across Multiple Channels Launching and promoting a campaign is a multistep process. It is no longer adequate to share a campaign on a single channel and expect it to gain a large audience. In order to be successful, you must utilize campaign variables to boost traffic. Customizing your URL is a helpful […]

Creativity and Data Visualization

Do you have to be creative to visualize data? Simply put, no. In order to visualize data the only skills you need to utilize are technological. “All new reports start with a default theme. The colors and style settings of this theme are designed to be both attractive and accessible to viewers with color blindness”. […]

Corporate Responses: Proactive vs. Defensive

As a brand having a social media presence is necessary in order to stay relevant. The point of social media is to start a conversation. The saying “all publicity is good publicity” doesn’t always translate well into the online world. Sure people are talking and commenting on your posts, but is this conversation steered the […]


To many October is the month where the leaves start to change colors and you switch your coffee order from iced to hot. But this isn’t the case for everyone. October specifically holds significance in the LGBTQ+ community. This is different than Pride Month, June, because October is used to observe the history of gay […]

Why I Clicked

The theory that everyone has an FBI agent on the other side of their phone listening to everything they say has become quite normal in the digital age. Personally, this means saying things that I’m shopping for out loud. Usually, this is a joke but during the period of quarantine online shopping was the only […]

Creating a Custom Audience

What you Need to Know In order to reach your target audience, you must first know who that is. Secondly, you have to know how to find them. What are their interests? Where do they live? What age range are they in? These audiences can be targeted through pre-configured groups created by Google. These groups […]

Tracking User Behavior

Do you think tracking user behavior is ethical?

Authenticity and Social Media

A strong social media presence is all about resonating with your audience. Every business is guilty of self-promoting, that’s how they get their name and their product out there. But the magic of marketing is promoting your product without your consumer noticing. Some of the most successful campaigns are the ones that push a message […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email is no longer the “golden age of marketing” like it used to be. More often than not emails get filtered into separate folders like spam and promotions. Some apps even give you the option to unsubscribe if you haven’t opened a companies email in awhile. If the marketing barely reaches the consumer, what’s the […]

Is Big Spending the only way to have a Big Payout?

If you want to be on top you have to be will to spend to get there. But what if that’s not in your budget? Spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, isn’t the only way to reach the top of searches, but it does help. Optimizing your site with keywords, internal and external links, and engaging […]

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