Site Tagging and Its Worth


Site tags are tools that can be used to help track certain actions a user takes on a page. These actions include the clicking of a button, or how they are scrolling up and down the page. As a result of these tags a website manager can track goals they have in place for their website. For instance, if there is a goal to see how much attention a video brings, then they’d code a tag to follow the action it receives. Tags provide a way to better monitor and update the webpage.

How To Track with Tags

The video below really helps explain the process of tracking clicks with tags. First, you go to the variables section in Google Tag Manager. Next you configure the all the click variables. After that you want to enable a trigger that will fire with any click. Now that the triggers are in place every click on the page will register. Finally, you want to set a filter for what button clicks you want to track. For example, tracking if a user clicks to move onto a new page. All of this is useful for a manager so that they will better understand the actions of the users on their page.

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