Self-Promotion… should brands do it?

By: Makalah Sizer

Let’s be honest, social media wouldn’t be itself without some type of self-promotion. Yet, I still believe that it is possible for brands to be themselves, and authentic at the same time. However, it can be challenging at times, especially with the number of self-promotion tactics out there. 

When is self-promotion is too much?

Every business has to do self-promoting to gain some sort of a following. Yet they have to be careful not to overdo it. Of course, they are a business, and they want to sell their products, however, they shouldn’t be constantly shoving it down the throats of their audience. After so many posts it’s going to put a bad taste in the viewer’s mouth. This might lead to them unfollowing your page, and your company losing potential customers.  

It’s 100% possible for brands to stay authentic, while also doing some sort of self-promotion. 

Authenticity is key

Rihanna’s first SavagexFenty line

For example, Rihanna, who is a successful singer/songwriter, actress and business woman has created her own empire with Savage Fenty. Savage Fenty has gained a large following, mainly due to its inclusivity. While brands like Victoria Secret has seen a drop in its following due to its lack of. Savage Fenty celebrates women and men of all shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s very authentic and they show a truthful side to themselves, without editing people’s shapes or sizes. 

SavagexFenty’s new social good campaign in support of Breast Cancer Awareness

While staying on brand, they are currently running a campaign for breast cancer awareness, featuring different survivors of breast cancer. Some, like Cayatanita, were models in her past fashion show.

Overall, self-promotion shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It allows people to see what you’re brand is about and learn more about it. Brands just have to be aware that although they are selling products, it’s important to be authentic in order to connect with its followers.

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