Applying STP to Email Campaigns

The ability to apply the purpose of segmentation, targeting and positioning in a way that you can produce effective and helpful information are the signs of a company with smart marketing tactics. In my opinion, the most important one of those three is the segmentation because it can break up your audience or potential consumers in a way you can understand them. If you cant understand who or what your audience is then you’re going to have a long road ahead of you. How you position your company is very important but if you don’t clearly handle how to segment and target your audience then I truly think you’re going to be lost. Positioning I feel like in some cases can be very lucky but no question all three serve a distinct purpose.

The company I would choose from the list of companies that the article provided would be Hinge. If I were apart of the company at Hinge and had the ability to segment the users into two lists the first question I would ask on the form would be, ” What sex or partner are you interested in?”. And the second one I would ask would be ” Are you looking for a relationship or casual?”. I would ask the first question because it would just split up your users and give you an idea of what kind of audience we have and what they are interested in. The second question I would ask because it would give you a sense of who’s looking for a partner and who’s just looking for a quick meet and greet. The person looking for the partner will be back on the site again, the meet and greet person probably wont be on as much.

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