Applying STP to Email Campaigns

The ability to apply the purpose of segmentation, targeting and positioning in a way that you can produce effective and helpful information are the signs of a company with smart marketing tactics. In my opinion, the most important one of those three is the segmentation because it can break up your audience or potential consumers […]

Capturing Variables with Tagging

The ability to start using tagging and google tag manager in general allows us to find more of a meaning to what the user maybe be searching for. Setting up certain tags in a way to generate certain leads, insights and information regarding what or how the user is behaving can be beneficial and more […]

Current Reports vs Legacy Tools

Having the benefit of using the current reports or legacy tools can bring you more data, more clicks and new advancements in your site or URL but the level of technology in both definitely wavers. Current reports are very important as they provide useful data in regards to clicks, impressions. users and provides a clear […]

Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

When setting up a campaign ad across multiple channels I would make sure that I would follow two of the specific practices that were successful for Google which were too tag what you need and only use the campaign variables you need. When processing and evaluating what would make things helpful and successful for a […]

Do you need Creativity?

For me personally, I don’t think you need to be too overly creative in Data Studio as creativity can be a good thing but in this case I feel like it can just be confusing and misleading at times. When you reading charts, graphs, comparisons and you aren’t too familiar with a category, you don’t […]

A/B Testing Hypothesis

The ability to recreate and form a hypothesis that can generate insights and results is something that can take some time in many instincts. When thinking about how I would structure a website a certain way to test whether the users like a certain aspect of the site can provide you with even more information […]

Behavior Reports & Content Strategy

The article I had read and chose to write about was how you can get your brand to the state of media coverage from NBC, CBS, FOX, etc and the blogger Amana Milligan did a clear and concise way of explaining how to use certain behaviors. One of the takeaways I got from Amanda was […]

PPC vs SEO Advertising

When you’re looking at advertising and what strategy is best for you or your company, deciding whether to use PPC or SEO advertising is very important. SEO, being the more organic, natural and free way to use advertising can save you a lot of money but the amount of time to find those results might […]

Who’s Your Audience?

When targeting a specific audience there needs to be some sort of realization and connection that should be made towards the potential users. If you’re trying to expand your product or business, attracting the affinity audiences can be what finds you a more interested audience. The affinity search method can be a very effective way […]