Anythings possible… or is it?

Makalah Sizer

Google is one of the largest search engines known to man, which yields hundreds of results with a single search. Businesses work hard and research ways to be in the top 10 rankings, but the question is, is it possible to really get that number 1 spot?

The answer is yes!

After watching George Do’s video “Keyword Research 101” it makes you believe that it’s possible. However the business has to be willing to put in time, effort, and hardwork into researching the different aspects that go into keyword searches.

George Do shares many tips on how to expand from seed keywords. These include searching on google different terms, looking on Reddit to see what consumers are talking about or asking questions in regards to their product, or even doing research on their competitors.

As they say, being on top is one thing, but staying on top is another battle.

Obviously getting that number 1 spot is amazing, but staying there requires just as much work if not more than it was to get there. Businesses have to continue you changing their seed keywords, or creating different long-term keytails to stay relevant. Also by adding keywords, or phrases into the webpage, or in the URL can be a major factor in keeping that number one spot.

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