Applying STP to Email Campaigns

Allbirds Segmentation:

Segmentation is the process of breaking up your audience in to smaller, similar groups. The purpose of this is to be able to then tweak your marketing for each group to help cover more ground. Instead of marketing to just one “target,” you are adjusting to show how your product can help satisfy the needs of many “targets.” A great example of this is Allbirds shoes because they have found success in a highly competitive market. If I were to segment 2 audiences for an Allbirds email campaign, I would use a demographic segmentation and a psychographic segmentation. The demographic would be based on age and the psychographic would be based one environment enthusiasts.

What Would Change?

After breaking up my audience into those two separate groups, I would then figure out how I would tweak my communication in the email to please both groups. For age, I would target younger athletic people (since we our brand is athletic). So the age rage would be about 20-40 years old. I would make the majority of the message based on performance and comfort. Then I would add in how the shoe is produced naturally and good for the environment. But, the main focus would be performance and comfort. For the environmentally friendly group, my focus would be how its the best shoe for “going green” and is made with natural material. Then I would add in how it preforms great and very comfortable.

Overall Message

The two messages will have most of the same information, however, their focus points will be different. Basically, you are giving your audience what they want to know. This will increase interest of your product with multiple different groups, resulting in better success for the company.

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