Paid vs Free

Both SEO and PPC marketing strategies can help grow awareness of a business through its campaign. But what strategy is the most cost effective? This is not an easy answer, and for most there really is no answer. It all depends on the budget of the campaign, and also how exactly the business wants to be found. PPC puts the link right at the top of the SERP, while SEO shows more organic and results that may be more of what the consumer is searching for. The best path all depends on what the campaign is focusing on. PPC is better for instant results, while SEO is better for long term growth and building a better following.

The Best Method

After lost of analyzation and study it has been decided that the best path for many is to use a combination or hybrid of the two options. By combining the two you can have the instant exposure through PPC, while also generating the more organic searches through SEO. With a hybrid method of the two the budget for the campaign can be allocated to other things as not all of the money will be used in paying for clicks. All while generating longer term following through the use of organic searches.

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