Cost Per Click vs Organic

In the world of marketing, Cost per click advertising and organic search advertising are extremely important in gaining awareness and revenue for your company. Which one is better at the job? It really depends on the company, their goals, and their budget to tell which is more efficient. In reality, we can use them to work together and compliment each other rather than pit them against each other. They are both useful for success in business and can help make each other stronger. 

Targeted Campaigns

Organic search advertising is obviously better for working on a budget but it can also allow companies to help gain important information. This important information gained from the organic method can be used to formulate targeted campaigns with cost per click advertising. When people click on organic ads on platforms such as google, analytics teams gain information such as demographics or who is in the market for their products. They then use that information to make affinity groups and remarket towards them using paid ads. Now your “ads will be more prominent as you’re bidding higher for this audience.” (Lahey, 2020) This is an extremely important way these two methods work together to make a greater campaign.


Another way they compliment each other is through the use of keywords. Organic search ads and cost per click ads both utilize keywords to reach their audiences. With this method we can use the paid ad data we receive to better understand the keywords that work. Once we know the keywords that work we can create a better search engine optimization. On the flip side we can use the data we get from the people organically getting to your site using those keywords to see which keywords are working and which aren’t. This allows companies to know where they should be applying their money most effectively to make cost per click campaigns. If companies are able to show up organically on search engines using their keywords then they know where they can save some of their budget. 


Lastly, the two compliment each other when it comes to bidding on our own brands. By bidding on our own brands keyword name, it makes sure that both organic and paid searches are optimized and show up first for those looking for your brand or product. At the end of the day you want to “make sure that you’re maximizing your visibility”. (Lahey, 2020) Utilizing and having Organic and paid ads working together is the best way to do so. 

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