Are High Spending Ad’s Beating out the Competition?

Companies that spend a lot of money on search ads usually see their website at, or near the top of the page after a google search. However, just because a companies website appears at the top of the page doesn’t mean they have wiped out all the competition. After watching the video, I learned that a company like Progressive spends about fifty dollars per click on their search ads. This shows that big companies, with the proper amount of capital, can spend a lot of money on search ads so that they show up at the top of the search page.

Smaller Companies

For the smaller companies with less capital to spend on search ads, it can be harder for them to appear at the top. Some suggestions for companies trying to reach the top are by using specific keywords in their meta description and their products or services. This will allow the algorithms used in Google to recognize the information being searched. If a company uses a lot of keywords to their advantage, they may be able to reach the top of a google search without spending a lot of money on ads. Another suggestion to help improve a companies ranking on a Google search is by increasing their conversion rate. In the video, Gagnon talks about how for every hundred clicks on a companies website, it is crucial that they aren’t losing money based on the amount of money they spent on ads. For instance, if a company spent a lot of money on ads and they weren’t getting a lot of clicks on their website, their conversion rate wouldn’t be good and they would be losing money.

In Essence

Spending money on search ads can boost a companies rankings on a search page. However, there are other ways and tools to help a company reach the top of a search page without spending a large sum of money.

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