URL Destination Goals

According to Neil Patel, a skillful content marketing and digital strategy specialist; Google Analytics makes it easy to track your goals in four ways. URL’s, time, page visits, and event tracking, with the help of a goal, it can tell you how your business is doing and can provide you visibility on areas of enhancement. URL destination goals keep track of specific URLs. Each time someone goes to that URL, they trigger the intent. This can cause a hit or a click that gives you an indicator that people were on the site and your goal was reached. This is great for “Thank you Pages” as Patel stated in his article.

This can help with ProjectDigital.org because with setting a goal; you can see how people are clicking to the URL and seeing different things like a video or scrolling to the whole page. Can also see if they watch the entire video if you put a tag on it from Google Tag Manager. Overall, URL Destination Goals are beneficial to a business and with the proper steps. it can help you achieve a lo

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