Dominating the Google Search Game

Being that number one spot for a google search is not just randomly given to a company. The process of receiving that number one spot is consisted of competitive keyword research and understanding the trends of a market. There are many tools that are available for a company to help with research on what keywords would be most effective to earning that top spot.

Many simple and descriptive keywords have already been taken by lots of pre-existing companies. In order to dominate google’s search engine you would have to complete extensive research to see what keywords have or haven’t already worked. Using a site called Long Tail Pro, you would be able to scan through a list of suggested keywords that would work for your company. You would be able to analyze trends within those words and understand what would get the most results.

An important factor to keep in mind would be search intent. You want to understand what words people would actually put in the search engine to find what they are looking for. So keep your keywords simple yet effective to what you are bringing to the table. If you were to reach that number one spot, there is no guarantee on how long you would stay there. There is a possibility that other companies are doing the same research you are, if not more, to one up you.

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