Ethical or Unethical

Throughout this semester we have discussed the topics of privacy and information security and how websites like Google Analytics can track data like how many page views a company receives or how many people have clicked through their website. In addition, we learned about Cookies, and how it examines data such as interests, demographics, location, […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Be honest, the only emails you open are the ones from your professors or the ones that say “track your package.” As for the rest of your emails, they either remain unopened or lost within the thousands of other emails you have. However, email still remains one of the most reliable ways to communicate information. […]

SEO At The Top

I’ve always wondered how Google decides which website gets to pop up first after someone searches something. Do, talks a lot about doing key word research to find key words that will make people click on a website. The purpose of these key words are to narrow your search down to ensure the best websites […]

Form vs. Function

While consumers are using webpages more and more to buy products, it is important to consider the form and function of the webpage when you’re creating it. The webpage should be straight forward and appealing to the eye of the customer. The from has to do with the layout and overall design of the webpage. […]