Are You Behind in the Business Game?

From Walk in to Online

For the last few years a lot of business transactions have been conducted online. And For the next few years more and more businesses will start doing online transactions. So it is important to make sure that you are not behind when it comes to selling your product online. Many companies have already started shifting towards online transactions and online marketing. These businesses are aware that people are using more and more online services. Due to this a lot of businesses are moving towards marketing automation to try and reach their customers.

Why You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to reach customers through online services. With marketing automation you can adjust your online business to make it more possible to reach your preferred audience. According to the The Ultimate Marketing Automation statistics overview by emailMonday, 75% of marketers say they use marketing automation for their business. So if you are not using marketing automation already you are behind 75% of the marketers today. Also, marketing automation is known for improving and growing your business. In the article it say “64% of e-commercemarketeers says e-mailmarketing and marketing automation contributes to more sales”. This shows that the online marketing has been a huge part in helping getting sales for the business. You should use email marketing because there are many businesses that are currently using it and about 40% of business who are not using it said they will invest in it in the next few months. If you want to be at the top of the online marketing business you need to get into marketing automation.

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