Are You Behind in the Business Game?

From Walk in to Online

For the last few years a lot of business transactions have been conducted online. And For the next few years more and more businesses will start doing online transactions. So it is important to make sure that you are not behind when it comes to selling your product online. Many companies have already started shifting towards online transactions and online marketing. These businesses are aware that people are using more and more online services. Due to this a lot of businesses are moving towards marketing automation to try and reach their customers.

Why You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to reach customers through online services. With marketing automation you can adjust your online business to make it more possible to reach your preferred audience. According to the The Ultimate Marketing Automation statistics overview by emailMonday, 75% of marketers say they use marketing automation for their business. So if you are not using marketing automation already you are behind 75% of the marketers today. Also, marketing automation is known for improving and growing your business. In the article it say “64% of e-commercemarketeers says e-mailmarketing and marketing automation contributes to more sales”. This shows that the online marketing has been a huge part in helping getting sales for the business. You should use email marketing because there are many businesses that are currently using it and about 40% of business who are not using it said they will invest in it in the next few months. If you want to be at the top of the online marketing business you need to get into marketing automation.


The Benefits of E-commerce Tracking

In Comes E-commerce

Buying and selling products/services has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. About ten years ago selling or buying transactions happened through face to face transactions. This means that any time you want to sell your product you would have to get customers to come to your store. Other companies at that time would have to do the same to get sales. They kept track of their customers using cards that had specific tracking ids on them. These tracking ids tracked whenever a person buys from that company. Companies also use these card swipes to give customers rewards for shopping there. Now since the rise of the internet over the last decade buying and selling is being done more and more online than face to face. Companies would have to track their online transactions. This kind of transaction or tracking is called E-commerce or Electronic commerce.

What Does It Track?

Google analytics tracks e-commerce transactions. With google analytics e-commerce tracking you are able to track two type of e-commerce data. The first tracking is the transaction. This is the information google collects from all of the transaction that occurs on your website. So it will track the revenue that you got from that product, the shipping, the tax, the transaction id, and etc. This allows you to numerically see where your business stands. The second e-commerce data you can track is the item. Tracking the item allows you to do just that. It allows you to track how the item that was bought, how much of the item was purchased, the price of the item, and the category that the item belongs to.(learn more about both types of e-commerce tracking at Both of these types of data tracking can allow you to see if your product is doing well or not. You can then take this data to try and improve your business to get more sells.


Choose the best Attribution model for your business

What is The Attribution Model?

The attribution model is how all of your sales and conversions are tracked throughout the interaction between your business and the customers. So if you’re selling chocolates online you can set an attribution model that can tell you the first channel that the customer interacted with that brought them to buy the product. This attribution model is called the First Interaction, and is one of much attribution that is offered to you.

So Which Attribution Model Do You Use For Your Business?

This question is all determined by how your business is converting if it’s converting at all. So it’s all up to your evaluation of how your business is going to determine the best attribution for your business. One attribution that is very useful for your business is the Last Google Ads Click. This allows Google to tell you the last ad that was clicked on before the customer bought the product. This is very useful because this allows you to easily see which ads are giving you the most conversions. Another attribution that you can use that to better and grow your business, is the First Interaction Attribute. This attribute gives 100 percent of the conversion value to the first channel that the customer interacted with. This allows you to see what ad is getting people to click on your product or website. This helps because if you see what it is that bring these people to you site and you can focus on that aspect and get more people to click and get to you website. As mentioned early the choosing which attribution models you should use is all up to you and how your business is going. If you don’t know why you are getting the amount of sales you want them you can look at these models and attribute different ones to your site to see what you can improve on and see what is hurting your business more than helping it. The article Attribution Models for Marketers: The Definitive Guide by Rebecca Bowden goes in depth in explaining all of the different models and gives you pros and cons of each one, so you know which one is best to use in certain situations for your business.


Behavior Reports equals Online Business Success: Here is how you Effectively use Behavior reports.

Understanding your audience is a crucial part to having a successful online business. Especially since it is a online business and your audience for the most part is interacting with your business online, so you don’t get that face to face interactions that can help you get a better understanding of each potential customer. So you need to be able to understand your audience based on their actions on your website. By looking at and examining audience behavior reports on Google analytics you will be able to understand your audience more and morph your online business to fit your audience more. Below are just a few behavior reports that you can use in google analytics that can help you grow your business.

The Site Search report allows you to understand how users interact with your site search functions. With this information you are able to see what terms they searched up and how effective your results pages is. Site searches have different site search metrics that can give you a good analysis of how customers are interacting with your site search. For example, one metric that site search has is the percentage Search Exits. This allows you to see the percentage of users that left your your search site without clicking anything in the results page.

Event tracking reports allows you to track user interactions on content that can be independently tracked from a webpage. Examples of these are downloads, videos being played, gadgets, and etc. Event Tracking is split up into components. The components that make up event tracking are categories, actions, labels, and value. Category is a name that you create for a group of objects. Action is the actual clicking and interaction by the user on the object. Label is a more specific name that you would assign to maybe one or two objects. Value is when you assign a numerical number to an object. An example of how these events tracking components would look is; Category: “videos”, Action: “video playing”, Label: “How to set up event tracking?”, Value: “Play Time”. If you want to learn more about how to use event tracking to maximize success you can read this article on 10 Ways You Should Be Using Google Analytics Event Tracking by Matt W

Another behavior report that you can use is Content grouping report. Content grouping allows you to group your content in whatever group you want. It allows you to zoom into the individual page title or screen name. For example, if I had a clothing website for both men and women I would have men and women in two different groups. Then I would dive into either the men’s or women’s group and add thing like shirts, pant, and shoes. After i’ve chosen who to add the categories shirts pants and shoes too, I would then go into shirts, pants, and shoes and add items to those categories. So we see how content grouping allows you to group your content and be more organized so that when a user goes into your website he or she can click the men’s or women’s sections it’ll take them to clothes that are for men or women. This report is very useful because say you are a new online company and you set your website up and used content grouping to split up the men’s clothes and the women’s clothes. After a few sales you look at this report and see that most people are clicking on shoes and buying from there. Now you know that people like your shoes more than they may like your shirts or pants. Now you can adjust your business to make it better and more profitable.

Content Experiments allows you to create different versions of your landing page. By having the ability to do this you can change up your landing page constantly to try and make it best for your audience. When doing content experiments you should have goals set up in analytics so that you are able to test your experiment to see if it attracted the intended users. there are four tips that you can use to help make an effective content experiment. The 1st tip is to test only a few elements, you don’t want to change everything on your landing page because then it’ll be hard to tell what was the real reason that user engaged more on the landing page. The 2nd tip is to use high volume pages to get more people to see your page so you can get a lot of quick data. The 3rd tip is to make big changes to your site so users can realize that change. The 4th tip is to keep testing. When you put out your experiments after a few days see what people liked and disliked about that site, then use that to make more updated experiments to give you the most success.


The Search Console Differences

As people continue to enter and grow their business they will have to find new and better ways to get more customers. In order to be able to get more customers they must have good data on their potential customers. Google allows you to build a website so that you can sell your products online. With this website, google allows you to track the data on the website. For example, if someone purchases an item google will track their process all the way to their purchase. That’s what is called the old search console.

As google got more advance they came out with a New Search Console. This console is clearly more sophisticated than the Old Search Counsel. One big difference is that there is a more reports for the New Search Console than the Old Search Console. One report that the Old Search Console does not have is the sitemap report. This is very useful when you are trying to give information about important things on your site. This is kind of your highlight to you site. Google helps you with providing information on things that you mark as important.

Another difference between the two is that the new search console has ownership verification. This allows you to protect your site better. Also you can have ultimate control, so if multiple people have access to you site to help you build it, you can still only allow them access to specific parts of the site. If they want more control you will have to approve it for them after you verify that you are the owner of that account.


How I Expect This Class to Increase My Brain Power

What I am expecting gain from this class is a better understanding of how google analytics work. I want to be able to be have enough knowledge about google analytics that I can successfully use it for future business. I know that marketing is huge and is growing and has always been a huge part in running a business. As the internet continues to grow e-commerce is becoming the king of marketing. thats why I want to get better with analytics.

I also am expecting to be able to create and get better at blogging. Blogging is another efficient way to market a product. People read blogs on just about anything. Anytime they need help with a problem they are having or they are looking for something they want or need. So by having a efficient blog you can get whoever is reading to buy into what you are saying.