Improving Content Through A/B Testing

What does A/B testing do?

The content that gets created might not always have a desired outcome. There may be issues getting a conversion to happen or a certain action to take place. With these issues, it might not always be clear what the best change is to make progress. A/B testing is a way to experiment with web content to try to improve the chances of specific actions to occur. By using A/B testing, it is possible to change and experiment with a few factors to see how they impact goals. In addition to adding value to achieving goals, A/B testing can help to make a more personal experience for target audiences.

Creating my own hypothesis

A hypothesis that I have in terms of A/B testing is the changing of where a video is to elicit certain actions. If there are issues with getting people to scroll and view the content on a page, changing up the order of a video may help. In a blog post for example, there could be a struggle for people to actually go past a video that was at the top and read the content. Setting up an A/B test could have a variant of the post that has the video at the beginning and at the end to see how this impacts scrolling. It is difficult to know what may be the best course of action to improve content. However, A/B testing can provide an opportunity to experiment with content to better suit the audience and the aspired goals.

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