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Marketing Automation is a group of customer relationship management (CRM) or customer experience management (CXM) that focusses on the description, segmentation, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns. Marketing automation makes tasks that would be done manually by an individual, or effective and completed at a quicker rate. Also makes new processes possible that may not […]

Find Your Target

When finding a target, Google Analytics can guide you to your need(s). Google Analytics offers target Audiences to be created in Optimize, giving the option to create new audiences from scratch, and you can import any of your existing segments to use as the basis for new audiences. Once you’ve gathered your audience, it becomes […]

Performance Of Content Grouping

Do you know exactly how each of your website sections perform? Content Grouping is very important when it comes to constructing and analyzing your website offerings. Doesn’t matter what kind of website you have; content performance is essential for every website. Keeping sales organized into charts that can be easily viewed and understood, which can […]

Geographic ‘Gray’ Areas When taking the steps to advertising a product, it is important to make sure you’re getting responses back from not only the geographic area you targeted but also those outside of the select target. Marketing has gone worldwide which faces the problem of different speaking countries and sections in the United States.  Even though […]

The Next Step Of Stairs

MKT 369 sparked my interest when reading the coarse description. Was somewhat never when beginning the class, but by the end was very confident because I learned a lot of information that can be used in a variety of career paths. Figuring out keywords that will spark interest/draw in future or potential consumers was very […]