Changes To The Search Console

Past Console

Google search console tool has always been critical tool for all website owners. Allowing them to work on SEO at a free cost. It only gets better from the new changes added to the search console. The old console didn’t allow users to hold data for no more than 4 months. The Index Status and Blocked Resources have been combined together to create a new feature to users called Index Coverage. Now lets go more in-depth and continue to learn more about the new features Google has to over in the search console.

New Console

Few of the new features consist of previous features, but offer simpler and convenient options. The four new features are search performance, Index coverage, AMP status, and job postings. Search performance offers 16 months of data rather than the previous feature that only allowed 90 days. Also, Index coverage allows users to now know what pages have been indexed by Google. Even better, shows the user how to solve a problem with pages that weren’t capable to being indexed. Lastly, the new Console will allow you to monitor your AMP perforence and how your pages are being displayed. Also, showing users errors that they may not be aware of.

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