Find Your Target

When finding a target, Google Analytics can guide you to your need(s). Google Analytics offers target Audiences to be created in Optimize, giving the option to create new audiences from scratch, and you can import any of your existing segments to use as the basis for new audiences. Once you’ve gathered your audience, it becomes available in the accounts you select. Even better, you can start right up and have it be a part of a campaign or experiment. To have all this work, your audience must be destined.

Missing your Target?

Figured out or think of a new idea, do not panic. Google allows you to add segments to your experiment. Segments are certain sections of your Analytics data. For example, one segment might be from a particular country or city. Also, might be users who buy a particular product or who visit a specific part of your site. Segments can be so broad but specific depending on the type of website. Analyzing the subsets of data so you can make changes to get back on track of previous out standing sales. Or on the other hand figure out why your website is not driving in those amazing sales. Example, geographic region is a important concept to understand for target marketing. If individuals are no longer purchasing a line of products in the same amount as they previously were, you can look back in your segments and see what is going on. Whether it is something with your competitors pricing, navigation on their website. Google is here to make your job easy and your company better.

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