Is Tracking Consumer Behavior Ethical?

The internet is everywhere nowadays. Even in our refrigerators. With the internet being so easily accessible nowadays, consumers can find what they want at extreme speeds. Although it’s a positive to find whatever you want, it’s viewed pretty negatively that these companies have such easy access to your information. The question remains though; is tracking […]

Proactive or Defensive?

Companies have an obligation to answer the questions and or the comments made by customers. There are different ways companies could go about this. They could answer back in a proactive or defensive way. Many of us have probably experienced both. So, whats the difference? Defensive Companies A defensive company may look like many different […]

Pay to Win?

What is the first thing you usually see when you search something up on Google? That’s right, ads. Big businesses often times will spend large amounts of money to make sure their site is placed right up top of the search results. Does this mean that the more you pay, the more likely you’ll beat […]

Starbucks and Fair Trade

Fair trade is the exchange of products with farmers from developing nations through partnership, transparency an respect, all while making sure the producers of these products are being treated well and being paid fairly. Starbucks is one of the biggest advocates for fair trade and pay premiums to ensure the products coming into the stores […]