Starbucks and Fair Trade

Fair trade is the exchange of products with farmers from developing nations through partnership, transparency an respect, all while making sure the producers of these products are being treated well and being paid fairly. Starbucks is one of the biggest advocates for fair trade and pay premiums to ensure the products coming into the stores are high quality all while making sure the workers on the farms are getting paid fairly for the hard work they do. Starbucks ensures through their fair trade policies that these farmers can grow effectively and for a much smaller cost to produce.

Consumers typically don’t think about the origins of the goods they are consuming but should. As the eco-friendly ways of consumption and purchasing is becoming more and more important, ensuring that workers in developing countries are being treated fairly and being paid well for their work should be just as high priority as the eco-friendly movement. Along with this, it ensures the customer of where and who the product is coming from and that it is a healthy option as compared to a company who may not participate in fair trade.

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