Pay to Win?

What is the first thing you usually see when you search something up on Google? That’s right, ads. Big businesses often times will spend large amounts of money to make sure their site is placed right up top of the search results. Does this mean that the more you pay, the more likely you’ll beat out your competition? In other words, is this a “pay to win” situation?

Money Can Only Go So Far

To answer the question as to whether spending more will get you a higher result on the page than your competition, yes it will. This, however, doesn’t always guarantee clicks. Just because you may be up top doesn’t mean you’re what a user is looking for; it only increases your probability of being clicked on as you’re on top. So yes, it is pay to win, however, it doesn’t guarantee clicks. That is entirely based on the content you’re providing

What Can Be Done?

To get users to click your ad(s), you need good material that is useful to the user. Just because you are up at the top of the search results doesn’t mean people want to click your ads, especially if they aren’t what they are looking for. All it is doing at that point is wasting money. If you have good, valuable information, then yes, you could possibly beat your competition.

It is all dependent on whether or not your ad is what the user is looking for. If not, don’t expect many clicks to come through.

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