Is Tracking Consumer Behavior Ethical?

The internet is everywhere nowadays. Even in our refrigerators. With the internet being so easily accessible nowadays, consumers can find what they want at extreme speeds. Although it’s a positive to find whatever you want, it’s viewed pretty negatively that these companies have such easy access to your information. The question remains though; is tracking consumer behavior ethical?

How do they track information?

Through Google Analytics, companies are easily able to get consumer information. They can view page views, time spent, and where users are clicking. Companies use this info to see what is popular and what is not. They are able to access this info through your “cookies”; personal data from your device. Cookies track usernames, user preferences, and your location.

Is it ethicaI?

Is tracking consumer behavior ethical? On one hand, companies are able to use your info to market to their target audiences effectively. Often times, however, companies collect your info without consent. Over time, they take data from frequent users to create profiles to market directly to you. This is a big issue to many as it’s very invasive.

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